About Me

That's me on the right when I was just a kid, already an 80's style legend in purple velour and white high tops (and my sister on the left looking so fab with her bowl cut).

It all started when...

A little girl in Southern California held a colored pencil for the first time. When she was first taken on a visit to a museum in the giant, vibrant city of Los Angeles. When she was given her first SLR camera. When she took her first class on color theory, taught by a Disney animator. When she joined the student filmmakers club. When she took a two week solo voyage through her Grandparents' home of Greece, to see the real deal ancient monuments she had memorized from her architecture history books. A series of firsts, one after the other, over the course of my life have turned into a forever love of art and design. 

After finishing an undergrad degree in Urban Planning, I worked in that field for nearly a decade, including a transfer from Los Angeles to Indianapolis, before deciding it was time to look at design from another angle. Grad school had always been shuffling its feet in the back of my head and I knew I'd probably go someday, so I went ahead and got to it. I found a happy home at Herron, where I get to work more intently on the methodologies behind the design process. The core of our program is a focus on people-centered design - how to design in a way that will meaningfully connect to the people we are designing with. I design first and foremost in consideration of what will impact people the most positively - What will bring them joy? What will make some aspect of their lives less of a struggle? What will foster growth for them? What will truly speak to their experiences and honor where they wish to go? Everything I do right now is framed from this perspective and I look forward to continuing to bring more rigor and depth to my work. Let's design something wonderful together.